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Can massage help sciatica? I have pains in my lower back and down my leg.

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asked Jan 29, 2015 by anonymous
You can definitely help sciatic pain by massage. The sciatic nerve runs down the back of the leg and wraps to the front of the foot. There are 2 ways this nerve can be impinged, either by tight muscles, or by a misaligned SI (sacral iliac) joint. If the sacrum an the iliac crest overlap, they can squeeze the sciatic nerve causing pain. In my experience, the best course of action is to first see a massage therapist. See what muscles in the glutes and low back that are knotted, triggered, or tight. Do not be alarmed if your therapist asks to work on your abdominal. Sometimes it is the best way to get to the Psoas muscles that are causing the problem. That therapist may refer you to a chiropractor to help with the SI joint. Together they will provide stretches and exercises to assist in releasing the nerve.

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Absolutely! Sciatica pain is caused by an irrated or impinged sciactic nerve. The problem typically lies with a condition or muscle tightness in low back or gluteal muscles. These areas can very effectively be released and relaxed through therapeutic massage. Ask for a therapist with experience in sciatica pain relief.
answered Feb 5, 2015 by Mrs. Robyn Arbogast, LMT, CFT (170 points)
Yes, massage therapy can help alleviate your issue of sciatica nerve pain. Look in your area as to experience , reviews on the facility. Use google, rateabiz.com have reviews on business'.

Call around ask the massage pro of there experience.In the meanwhile use ice packs in 20-25 minute intervals wrapped in a thin towel & place it on the affected area & use tiger balm ointment.
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