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Sometimes my arm and shoulder act up from working at a desk and computer all day. Can massage therapy help reduce this type of pain?

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asked Feb 27, 2015 by anonymous

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Absolutely. There are a number of contributing factors, including of course how your station is set up, if access to your computer makes you favor one side of your body more so than the other, and a myriad of other things. My best recommendation for you is to find a therapist with first, national certification, and secondly, uses a lot of myo-fascial techniques combinded with deep breathing during session. Your therapist will more than likely notice which arm holds on more (face up, some therapists use face down techniques. I prefer the former). It can take 90-120 seconds to fully help you open your shoulder joint, and even  a couple of session at that just to build up trust/raport btwn you and therapist. i almost always perform a subscapular release. Its always good to start face down to check accessory mucsles that may also be causing you discomfort. I would start with a little self analysis by noticing if you are crossing your legs while working (a hard habit to quit but u can do it!) also check if your sit bones (butt bones) have the weight evenly dispersed between them. I' not sure where you live, but you may look into some gentle yoga, or there is an app called "Yoga at Home" that I refer many of my clients to. Please contact me for any additional info at


i hope this helped a bit.


Dana F.

answered Mar 2, 2015 by Ms. Dana Flax, LMT, NMT, Thai Massage, YTT200hrs, Yoga Therapy, Deep/Sports Massage (300 points)