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I recently got a massage at a spa that I had never been to before. When I got there they immediately took me in the back and got me set up in my room. After leaving the spa I realized that they never had me fill out an intake form. Are all spas required to have customers fill out intake forms, or does it depend on each spa/massage therapist?

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asked Sep 14, 2015 by anonymous
My understanding is that it is not neccesarily required, but I would be concerned if it wasn't taken. It is very important that we know a bit about your health as their are certain things that could be contraindicated with massage (for example certain medical conditions, meds, etc.). In addition, a massage therapist should ask about your experience with massage, get an emergency contact, and have you sign a consent for massage.
All of these answers are great & to me as a massage therapist getting to know a potential client by getting important information & talking to them which will give you even more information. I have worked for spas & I have never seen them get intake forms. I hope this helps, Billie Hausen, LMT

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Usually you will have to fill out a client intake form, asking general questions about you,

your medical history, recent surgeries, injuries we should be aware of and if this is your first massage or not.

After reading and answering questions, this gives us the information about you to determine if you are a good

canidate for massage or not, or if you should be seeing a doctor before coming for a massage and also we need


a signature of your consent to receive the massage before this service is given.
answered Sep 20, 2015 by Mrs. Connie Davison, LMT (220 points)
You should ALWAYS fill out a health history form.  It's extremely unprofessional.
The only time you wouldn't fill out a client intake form is if you have been seen by us before, then we will only need a update if there is a change. Our clients love it and we are successful.
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The requirements vary state by state; in Texas we are required to begin with a Case History, provide a Consent Form listing our services and any contraindications to our services and procedures that will be used.  We have another form with areas to be marked that are painful or hurt.  These are required to be kept on file.
answered Sep 22, 2015 by Ms. Barbara Ollis, LMT, CNMT (180 points)
Intake forms are a wonderful way to communicate with your client before entering the service room. It is an opportunity to clarify professional expectations in regards to the massage service. It can also be an opportunity for the client to communicate about grief that they could be experiencing. Especially if they do not want to discuss it, yet the practitioner can get an understanding with out having to probe. And yes, important medical history,surgeries and contact information can be gathered and filed. The intake forms that I use also have some accounting information so they really help me keep my paperwork straight. They help me a lot!! I have created a simple form with boxes to check if they have a specific aliment. I collect basic information and the form keeps it simple and quick. It also has a space for comments if they choose. Most people do not mind.
I maybe wrong but I would assume you must went to a so called Asian Massage place, normally they don't ask you anything because they don't know how with barely speak any  English, and mostly  they never been a day in massage school!! Normally they should have the intake form to let client fill out. If they did not asked anything about you medical history and directly led you to a room, don't go there anymore. But most men client don't care as long as there lady rub their back, they may don't care if it is a female frog crawling on their back;) . It's a shame
In massage school we are taught SOAP notes as a must in communicating with your client...and to see if there are any contraindications concerning massage due to your health.