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I suffer from plantar fasciitis. Can massage help take away this pain?

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asked Oct 19, 2016 by anonymous
Absolutely! Massage 3 times a week for optimum results along with stretching, orthotics and proper fitting shoes all will help resolve plantar fasciitis. Using "rubs balls" on the bottom of the feet helps a lot too. Make sure to keep your spine aligned too.

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Definitely! It depends on the severity and length of time that you have been suffering, but it will be beneficial. As the previous individual mentions, you are going to want to stretch, utilize proper orthotics, and proper shoes as well. If you do these things paired with massage therapy, you will be fine in no time! I personally have never had a case as severe as one where I needed to meet with a client 3x a week, but once a week between deep tissue and reflexology treatments, my clients were almost completely pain-free by two months after suffering for years!

Also, if you can't located those "rubs balls," you can freeze a bottled watter and roll it underneath your foot as you stand. Very beneficial for relieving the inflammation and pain while also bein cost effective until you can afford to get more self-care treatment tools.

Hope this helps!
answered Dec 28, 2016 by Lacey Spaulding, LMT (180 points)