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im in school and need to ask therapists questions!

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  1. What are two most important boundaries you set with your clients?
  2. Why did you decide that they were necessary to set?
  3. Name one ethical conflict you have faced in practice?
  4. How did you solve the problem?
asked Nov 5, 2016 by anonymous

1 Answer

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1. Time and permission

2. Time: Because it is a commodity overlooked and it is very valuable.  I do not want to take up too much of my client's time by always going over or under time and I want to make sure I value the time I have for myself.  Time is very valuable.  

     Permission:  I make sure to get permission before I do any type of work.  It creates a safe-space for clients and set up a communication diaglogue.  This way they understand my own personal boundaries beyond time and permission.  Do not underestimate permission.

3.  Other therapists that have NOT followed universal health precautions or proper training.  Happens all the time in the Spa Industry.  In one of the resorts I worked at they were consistently massaging people that were sick, which is a contraindication (people with fevers!).  It puts yourself and your clients at risk.  Another is billing with insurance and clients wanting me to change dates/times or give receipts for work that was not done because they have to pay a cancellation fee and they wanted to submit to insurance (insurance fraud).  Have to be careful with that one!!  Don't even want to lose your license!!!  You want to remain ethical!

4. I stuck to my guns and didn't massage sick people or explain to them what is the issue with such a task.  Educating your clients is HUGE!  I also did not perform Insurance Fraud and explained this to my clients.  Again, educating them on why I would not do something unethical.  Most of the time communication and education is really helpful for this!
answered Jan 26, 2017 by Sandra MacGowan, LMT, CPMT (230 points)