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Can I still get a massage if I have a cold? Is it safe?

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asked Jan 3, 2017 by anonymous
I don't see why you shouldn't receive a massage when you have a cold. Getting a massage boosts your immune system. Drinking plenty of water is recommended to flush out all the toxins that were just released from your muscles.
No, unless you would like to share it.  Many MTs would thank you not to.
If you have a cold, and are clearly capable of spreading all your germs, it's likely you will be denied the massage.
I advise my clients to not get a massage when suffering from a cold. To me the number one reason is that the massage therapist might catch your cold. Stay home and take care. Get a massage when you feel better.

2 Answers

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I would recommend against getting a massage when you have a cold due to the fact that your immune system is already compromised with fighting the virus. Why would you want to have the massage release additional toxins from your muscles into your system thus adding a double-compromise and forcing your immune system to work even harder?  IMO, not advisable.

Is it safe? That's relative, depending on what you consider "safe".
answered Jan 6, 2017 by Mr. Michael Wolfes, CLMT, CRP (260 points)
The majority of the previous professionals comments are accurate. In most cases, it will further stress your immune system - especially techniques like deep tissue.  The comments about the therapist not appreciating being exposed to someone else's illness is actually understated and tactful.
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I do not massage any client that has symptoms of a cold or running a temperature!
answered Feb 4, 2017 by Mr. George Ottlein, LMT (140 points)