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How does massage therapy affect Lupus?

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I have a client that has Lupus.  Should I obtain a doctors note to be able to massage her?  What massage would benefit the client?
asked Oct 9, 2013 by Ms. Alisa Wolfe, LMT (120 points)

1 Answer

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Massage therapy can help lupus as long as the client is not having a flare-up ... Gentle massage can help to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and help with joint stiffness. Deep tissue should be avoided as it can exacerbate the symptoms of lupus. It never hurts to get a doctor's note, though it would only really be necessary if the client has continual, chronic, dibilitating symptoms. Some people can have very mild symptoms, some can have painful symptoms often. Do a good, thorough intake with the client and find out what her symptoms are and how often she expereinces them.

Also, look further on this website under "Health Concerns" and you will find more information.
answered Oct 22, 2013 by Ms. Linda Fehrs, LMT (790 points)