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What can I expect when I go to get a massage?

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asked Jan 11, 2013 by admin (240 points)
Should I drink water before a massage or after a massage?

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Massages vary in types, therapists expertise, etc. I always start clients brand new to massage with a lighter, firm, not deep massage. It gets the client used to being touched by a stranger, letting them get in touch with how the therapists hands manipulates the muscles and how it makes them feel. It is always important to stay in touch with the client during the massage, making sure they are comfortable, the pressue is not too deep, not too light, etc and making sure they are able to relax. Massage Therapy is all about helping the body, mind and spirit relax, release and rejuevenate.
answered Jan 17, 2013 by Mrs. Shelia Upshaw, LMT (440 points)
reshown Mar 6, 2013 by Mrs. Shelia Upshaw, LMT
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The first time you come for a massage can be stressful since you don't know what to expect and you are putting a trust in a stranger.  Make sure you can talk to the therapist first and feel comfortable that they understand the reason you are there.  You will undress to your comfort level but you will be covered by a sheet.  The threapist will only uncover the part they are working on.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable let them know.  Usually they will start out with a light stroke and work into a deeper stroke depending on what they feel and how you are reacting.  Massage is a partnership between you and the therapist.  Always feel free to let us know who your feeling especially if something is making you uncomfortable.
answered Oct 9, 2014 by Colleen Quinn, LMT, NCMT (530 points)