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If I prefer really deep massages, shouldn’t I request a male therapist?

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asked Jan 11, 2013 by admin (240 points)

2 Answers

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Absolutely not! Deep tissue massage doesn't depend on the strength of the therapist, it is how the therapist uses their own body to deliver the massage. Tiny, petite women can give a deeper massage then most men. You should be sure to get a therapist that specializes in Deep Tissue to get the greatest benefit and the most for your money.
answered Jan 17, 2013 by Mrs. Shelia Upshaw, LMT (440 points)
If a massage therapist is trained well and/or is dedicated enough to explore what works best for the client and for their own comfort and effectiveness, they will likely use their body, energy and intention in a similar way as a martial artist - nearly effortlessly, rather than powering through with a lot of muscular effort. Tiny petite women - and men - who work this way can provide a deeper massage (that also feels better and is more effective, too) than men and women who do not.
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Deep tissue massage is less about hard, painful pressure and more about skillful lengthening of muscles to get  to the deeper tissues.  Our muscles are layered, and the superficial muscles, lying closer to the surface, need to relax in order to let your therapist beging working on the deeper layers.  Hard pressure can incite the muscles to tighten in order to protect the body: good massage shouldn't be painful in an overall sense, though there may be some unusual sensation in areas of more tension.  A well-trained therapist uses body mechanics to change depths of pressure, and need not be male.  An important consideration is to schedule enough time for this to occur.  If you are feeling particularly sore or tense in a specific area, thinkk deep tissue is your solution but have limited time or funds, have your therapist spend time there and forego the full body experience until your next massage.
answered Jun 10, 2013 by Mrs. Bronwyn Catalano, LMT (190 points)