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What can I expect to get with a $100 coupon?

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I got a massage $100 coupon and have always wanted to go get a massage but I don't want to get scammed since I don't know how much you can get for $100.. please help thank you
asked Jan 14 by Kailee Krafczyk

1 Answer

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Well it really depend on the therapist you choose to do the work for you.

If you came to me with a $100. coupon you would recieve total relaxation, I would have you so relaxed until you will

be sleep with a 2 hour massage, every sore, stiff or tight aching muscle will be released.

 Please go on and enjoy every minute of your $100.00 coupon.
answered Mar 30 by Mrs. Connie Davison, LMT (460 points)