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Massage Therapy’s Powerful Role in Easing Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Jun 1 2017

Learn more about massage therapy's critical role in easing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), 5 cautions when working with this population, as well as the best 3 modalities to use with MS patients.

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Understand Proprioception for Safe and Effective Massage Treatments

May 15 2017

As massage therapists, it is vital that we have a full understanding of proprioception: what it does in the body, how it can maximize pain management, and how to utilize it to increase muscle length and range of movement throughout the client's body.

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Cupping: An Effective Approach to Release Trigger Points

May 2 2017

Did you know that this ancient technique can aid in the treatment of myofascial points?

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Differences Between Relaxation Massage, Medical Massage & Sports Massage

Aug 29 2014

A friend gives you a gift certificate for a massage, but what kind of massage will it be? What do you request - do you even have a choice? Learn about some basic options available to you when the time comes for you to schedule that appointment. Continue reading

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Where On My Body Is a Massage Therapist Allowed to or Qualified to Work?

Jun 30 2014

Discover which parts of the body are forbidden to touch during a massage session. Continue reading

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Why Do I Feel Ill The Day After My Massage?

Jun 10 2014

You get a massage to feel good, to feel better. Yet, the next day you are full of aches and feel a bit like you might be coming down with something. What is going on? A simple explanation and a few helpful hints may help you to avoid this in the future. Continue reading

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How Many Cups of Coffee Per Day Can Reduce Your Risk of Liver Cancer?

Jun 15 2017

Recent reports may mean you have even more reason to enjoy that morning cup of coffee!

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6 Critical Benefits of Exercise

Jun 12 2017

While weight loss is a visual benefit of engaging in a consistent fitness routine, exercise has so many more health benefits that you may not see - but you can feel.

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4 Little Known Ways to Increase Self-Confidence

May 30 2017

Drinking coffee can build my self-confidence? Seriously? Tell me more!

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