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Massage Is a Fantastic Therapy Option for Fibromyalgia Patients

Oct 10 2017

While there is much to consider when providing massage to fibromyalgia sufferers, discover why massage therapy can be an excellent treatment option for this painful and debilitating condition.

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What Is Qigong: Chinese Energy Healing All About?

Sep 8 2017

Discover how Qigong energy work can help both you and your massage clients. Plus learn 3 special breathing exercises you can start using right away.

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Discover How Massage Benefits the Disabled

Aug 14 2017

Special populations such as those who suffer from debilitating diseases and conditions, those with brain and spinal cord injuries and those with developmental disabilities can benefit greatly from receiving massage therapy.

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Differences Between Relaxation Massage, Medical Massage & Sports Massage

Aug 29 2014

A friend gives you a gift certificate for a massage, but what kind of massage will it be? What do you request - do you even have a choice? Learn about some basic options available to you when the time comes for you to schedule that appointment. Continue reading

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Where On My Body Is a Massage Therapist Allowed to or Qualified to Work?

Jun 30 2014

Discover which parts of the body are forbidden to touch during a massage session. Continue reading

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Why Do I Feel Ill The Day After My Massage?

Jun 10 2014

You get a massage to feel good, to feel better. Yet, the next day you are full of aches and feel a bit like you might be coming down with something. What is going on? A simple explanation and a few helpful hints may help you to avoid this in the future. Continue reading

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Do You Suffer from Fibromyalgia? You Are Not Alone

Oct 17 2017

Learn about the symptoms of fibromyalgia, how it is diagnosed, and ways to treat this misunderstood and debilitating condition.

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6 Ways Turmeric Can Heal Your Skin

Oct 5 2017

Discover how turmeric can be used to help your skin, including healing troublesome acne.

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A Sweet Superfood to the Rescue

Sep 28 2017

It's a bird. It's a plane. No! It's the healing powers of the sweetest superfood you haven't tried yet.

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