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8 Self-Care Tips for Massage Therapists

Mar 7 2019

8 Self-Care Tips for Massage TherapistsTaking care of yourself, in body, mind and spirit, is the best way of ensuring that you will be able to give the best healing touch to your massage clients.

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Should You Offer Massage with CBD Oil and CBD Cream?

Feb 26 2019

Should You Offer Massage with CBD Oil and CBD Cream?Massage therapists are always looking for new ways to provide their clients with a better massage experience. Perhaps this quest has led you to consider offering massage with cannabidiol oil or cream for your clients. If so, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider, ranging from potential benefits and risks to questions of legality.

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NCBTMB: Do I Need Research CE Credits to Renew My Massage Board Certification?

Feb 5 2019

Magnifying Glass looking at ResearchDiscover the huge change that the NCBTMB made effective on February 1st to the Board Certification renewal requirements.

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Differences Between Relaxation Massage, Medical Massage & Sports Massage

Aug 29 2014

A friend gives you a gift certificate for a massage, but what kind of massage will it be? What do you request – do you even have a choice? Learn about some basic options available to you when the time comes for you to schedule that appointment. Continue reading

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Where On My Body Is a Massage Therapist Allowed to or Qualified to Work?

Jun 30 2014

Discover which parts of the body are forbidden to touch during a massage session. Continue reading

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Why Do I Feel Ill The Day After My Massage?

Jun 10 2014

You get a massage to feel good, to feel better. Yet, the next day you are full of aches and feel a bit like you might be coming down with something. What is going on? A simple explanation and a few helpful hints may help you to avoid this in the future. Continue reading

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6 Ways for Millennials to Avoid Obesity-Related Cancer

Mar 11 2019

Obesity-related cancers are on the rise for millennials. Find out if you are in this age bracket, as well as 6 ways to reduce and manage weight so you can avoid the risk of these types of cancers.

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Healthy and Natural Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety

Feb 25 2019

Reducing your anxiety doesn't have to be expensive. Take a look at these healthy suggestions, including some top-rated vitamins, herbs and the up and coming CBD oil.

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The Top 13 Benefits of CBD Oil – Are You Missing Out?

Feb 15 2019

There are so many ways CBD Oil can improve your life, including treating liver issues, reducing pain and inflammation, and clearing up acne. Discover the top 13 benefits now!

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