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Brain Injury, Traumatic


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), also known as an intracranial injury, occurs when an outside force traumatically injures the brain. The scalp and skull may or may not be permeated as well. It is not to be confused with internal causes of brain injury such as a stroke. TBI can be caused by automobile accidents, child abuse, domestic abuse, sports injuries, gunshot, blast waves from an explosion as well as many other events. There are many symptoms typical of TBI including, but not limited to headache, nausea, dizziness, lack of motor coordination, unequal pupil size, lack of balance, confusion, lethargy and speech problems. The result of a TBI can range from complete recovery to permanent disability or even death.


No massage should be given to a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury until clearance has been given by a physician. If a client comes in with symptoms consistent with a TBI, they should be referred to a physician immediately.

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