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I like the time and professionalism put into making this a top notch site that would make us proud of our professions and those who represent us.

-- D. Kitchen

We are The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies and Health Positive!. Since 1996, we have been the leader in providing home study continuing education (CE) courses for massage therapists. With over 200,000 massage therapy CE course enrollments and more than 150 professional-level home study continuing education course options to date, we are the preeminent provider of home study continuing education for massage therapists.

To learn how the Institute has set the standard for excellence in home study continuing education programs, click here.

The Massage Source

To further assist massage therapists and to educate potential clients on the many benefits of massage - and how massage can be included in their routine to create a healthier lifestyle - we proudly offer The Massage Source.

Our Goals:

  • To further assist massage therapists in building their practices:
    1. By connecting professional massage therapists with prospective clients. Utilizing The Massage Source's "find a massage therapist" search tool, potential clients can quickly and easily locate a massage therapist. Leads and new clients are exactly what massage professionals need to grow, build and nurture their practices.
    2. By demonstrating how regularly scheduled massages can have long term benefits for both new and existing clients.
    3. By helping massage therapists expand their client base through trusted and verifiable online profiles.
    4. By offering massage therapists a multitude of additional benefits.
  • To educate the public on the benefits of massage:
    1. By listing the benefits of massage therapy and explaining the different types and techniques practiced by massage therapists.
    2. By discussing how massage therapy can be used to aid individuals recover from specific maladies and health concerns.
  • To bring more attention to the massage industry as a whole and how massage can help many people enjoy a life of health and wellness:
    1. By providing in-depth, original articles - as well as e-newsletters - on massage and living a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more on how The Massage Source works

  1. Sign Up and Build Clientele

  2. Create Your Business Listing Webpage

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    Include all of your business information, modalities you specialize in, types of payment accepted, hours of operation, a link to your website, up to 10 pictures and 10 coupons, a map showing clients where to find you - and much more. In just a few minutes, you'll have a professional profile up on the web.

  3. Get Found By Clients Searching for a Massage Therapist

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    Potential clients can find you as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Clients search by location or practice name.
    2. Clients click GO.
    3. Matching results for massage therapists are displayed. Then, clients can call or email you for an appointment!

Let The Massage Source work for you and your massage practice!

I like how it caters to the client, not the therapist, and informs the client of what they can expect and receive from massage therapy.

-- S. Upshaw

  1. Appear in Our Directory

    Expand your clientele! People searching for a massage therapist will find you in our professional massage therapist provider directory.
  2. Newsletter

    Sign up for the Institute for Integrative Healthcare's monthly e-newsletter with tips and original articles to help build your massage practice. You'll receive high-quality, original articles designed specifically for the massage professional right to your email.
  3. Verification

    Receive Instant Credibility when you get "Verified" by The Massage Source. Learn more.
  4. Personal Profile

    Create a personalized profile on your very own business webpage.
    • Your business listing webpage will display all your business information, modalities you specialize in, types of payment accepted, hours of operation, a link to your website, up to 10 pictures, up to 10 coupons, a map showing customers where to find you - and more.
    • Upload and display up to 10 pictures to showcase you and your business. Potential clients can get an idea of the look and feel of your practice, and the quality of your products and services.
    • Create up to 10 coupons. You can offer multiple promotions, increase your chances of appealing to more clients and book more massage sessions. The coupons can be added, modified and deleted as often as you want and posted within minutes.
  5. Therapist Talk

    Share your expertise, thoughts, tips and business highlights in our Therapist News section! There is no limit to the length of the copy you can post - and post as many times a day or as often as you want. (It's like having your very own public relations machine.)
  6. Forms

    Download valuable massage therapist industry forms including, but not limited to: Massage Therapy Informed Consent; Agreement to Pay for Services; Billing Information; Client Insurance Verification Authorization and Checklist; Client Intake - General Injury; Client Intake - Motor Vehicle Accident and Injury Information; Consent to Release Medical Records; and Additional Information About Your Pregnancy.
  7. Discounts

    Receive exclusive savings on massage therapy home study CE courses offered by the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies and Health Positive!.
  8. Ask a Question

    Be the first to comment on client questions in The Massage Source's exclusive Q&A forum. Receive recognition, as your name will appear along with a link back to your profile page on The Massage Source. Clients may be inspired to travel further for a massage by communicating and connecting with you in this manner!
  9. CE Course Tracker

    Take advantage of our CE course tracker, where you can keep track of all your courses taken, along with the number of continuing education hours you've accrued. You'll be able to know at a glance if you've satisfied all of your renewal requirements.
  10. Mobile Compatible

    The Massage Source is compatible with tablets and smart phones, so your clients can find you and your coupons wherever they are.
  11. Easy to Use

    The Massage Source is simple and easy to use. You can login and create a business listing and coupons in minutes, without needing any specific skill set - just type and upload pictures. And if you need help with that, our customer support representatives are available to help you.

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