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Email Scam - Beware Massage Therapists...

September 3rd, 2014

Posted by Kennett Square Massage

In the past month I have received two emails (both with emails) stating they were going to be in town for a few weeks or they wanted to make appointments for a whole family - at least 10 appointments over a period of a few days.

There will be a driver bringing the clients and they will pay up front and want us to do a favor for them and get extra money to pay the driver in cash.

They take up a lot of time emailing back and forth asking questions regarding cost and discounts and how we accept payment.  

I told them to call the office using the TTY or Relay Service for Deaf but they do not and that is usually when the contact stops.

An AMTA representative said it has happened to more than just our practice so I wanted everyone to be aware of this so they do not get scammed.

Hope this helps someone!

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