Getting a Massage Feels Good and Is Beneficial

Many people see getting a massage as a luxury. It is relaxing. It feels good. It is a time to let go of daily stress in a place and time that is quiet. It is an extended time of feeling good. It is so personal and gentle you may wonder why you feel that way. Perhaps it is just the lovely music, the dimly lit room, the serenity and time away from all the stress and noise of the outside world that creates an atmosphere of relaxation.

While all those amenities do indeed add to the reduction of tension and anxiety, there are actually some very tangible reasons you feel so good after getting a massage, as well as some very real health benefits to those of us who don’t get enough exercise.

One of the most important benefits comes simply from the act of pressing and gliding along the skin’s surface. Depending on the depth of pressure, the various fluids of the body (blood and lymph) get pushed along a bit more efficiently than normal. This mean that the bad stuff (the toxins) get flushed out and the good stuff (freshly oxygenated blood) rushes in to replace it, giving nourishment to muscles and other body tissues.

When receiving healthy touch – like massage therapy – stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, are suppressed, while at the same time hormones and neurochemicals in the body are released that help you relax. Most people have heard of endorphins which are released during exercise and other physical activities; they are also released during a massage and help to reduce pain and anxiety.

This combination of improved circulation and relaxation help the immune system to work more efficiently. The combination also stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases joint flexibility.

Remember to always check with your doctor when considering massage, especially if you have ongoing health problems.