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Migraine Relief from Massage Therapy

Can Massage Reduce the Pain from Migraines?

Mar 27 2013

General Massage

Learn about what triggers a migraine, as well as the types of massage therapy best suited for migraine headache relief. Continue reading

What Is Couple’s Massage?

Mar 22 2013

General Massage

Are you looking for a new experience you can share with a loved one? Why not try scheduling a couple’s massage with your spouse, best friend or relative. It is a great way to bond and have a mutually relaxing experience. Continue reading

Spa Massage Versus Medical Massage

Spa Massage Versus Medical Massage

Mar 14 2013

General Massage

You have finally decided to get a massage, but in your neighborhood you see many choices. Which one do you choose? Which massage therapist will best suit your needs? Continue reading