What Age Is Appropriate to Start Getting a Massage?

What Age Is Appropriate to Start Getting a Massage?

There are no age limits on getting a massage! Age is not a factor in receiving healthy touch. From before a child is born until the end of life, massage is a good thing. The differences come with techniques. Not all techniques are good for all ages. Different stages of life will require changes in things like pressure depth, stretches and types of massage oils and creams.

When a pregnant woman gets a massage, so is her baby. The unborn child gets all the benefits of the massage – improvement in circulation, removal of toxins and an increase in the “feel good” hormones, like oxitocin. Both the mother and child are more relaxed and happy.

Once the child is born, touch and massage can start right away. A massage therapist experienced in infant massage can show the mother how to do it herself, or the mother can bring the infant in for regular short sessions. The massage between mother and child helps the child to develop knowledge of what healthy touch feels like. It also helps to enforce a strong bond between mother and child.

A child will usually be receptive to a mother’s touch up through the pre-teen years. Once the adolescent years are reached, they may start to be embarrassed and prefer to go to a professional. Studies have shown that teens who get regular massages often have a better sense of body image, and it helps to alleviate stress as well as anxiety. It also helps to relieve some of the growing pains resulting from growth spurts so common in that age group.

The Touch Institute, located at the University of Miami, has done many studies over the years which focus on infants, children and teens. Results have been encouraging and show that many childhood conditions can be helped through the use of massage. Diabetes, asthma and skin problems as well as attention deficit disorders, autism and depression have all indicated that massage therapy has a positive effect.

It is also never too old to start getting massage. Many of the same benefits extend into the senior years. Massage helps relieve chronic pain, enhances the immune system and, just like in the childhood years, helps to improve body image and self esteem.

So, schedule your massage now. It is never too late – or too early – to begin a regime of regular massage sessions.